breville pizzaiolo vs roccbox

We are devoted fans of the gas-fired Roccbox, but that’s an outdoors sport. If you are looking in the "home electric NP oven space," there is probably only one choice, which would be the Breville Pizzaiolo. I’ve met pizza chefs who use the Roccbox for commercial purposes, and they love it. Breville is responsible for some of the worst pizza ovens in the history of pizza ovens. I really don't have a lot of faith in that thing. Cook your favourite pizza in just 60 seconds. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Visit the Breville Store. Find out more. Discount does not apply to digital content. If they really wanted to appeal to the obsessive market- and, let's face it, the only people spending $800 OR $1200 on a pizza oven are going to be obsessives, if they wanted to market this in the best light possible, they should have removed their name. There are many threads on this board and the home oven subsection about this oven; use the search function. Designed for home outdoor cooking. This is a limited time discount. The $599 Gozney Roccbox is one of those tools that looks great on paper. Roccbox is slightly better that way as all you need to do is plug in the propane tank to make it gas fueled and leave the pizza to cook inside without having to keep an eye on the fuel all the time. I can't see that the Forno can make anywhere near acceptable Neapolitan pizza at $125 vs the regular $1,099 price of the Breville at 2/3rds of the wattage. The other 110v electric ovens won't get up to NP like temperatures. 5.0 out of 5 stars 11 ratings. “If money wasn’t an object, I would absolutely buy one of these for my own kitchen at home,” Reeves told us. The Pizzaiolo lives in your kitchen and turns on with a “click”, making it a king of convenience. Gozney Roccbox can be folded for easy storage. Gozney Roccbox is the worlds first portable oven. “It reaches such high temperatures that pizza made in a standard oven just can’t compare.” ADVERTISEMENT. Of course if you think Pizza Pizza pizza is good then you'll love the Forno. Price: $1,079.99: Sale: $999.95 & FREE Shipping: Discount Provided by Amazon. The discount is provided by Amazon. Details . This item is sold by a third-party seller. The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo currently retails for $800 exclusively at Breville and Williams-Sonoma—about $500 more than their Smart Oven Pro. I sense a “but”. The open design of the Roccbox makes it easier to keep an eye on the pizza while the closed setup of the Uuni 3 might make it difficult to know if the light is still lighted in the burner at the back.

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