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I have an Android smartphone. Accessing them requires connecting your smartphone to a computer. If you answer no, then the location must be manually set using one of the Location options. Select “Needs Alignment” from the pop-up window and go through the camera alignment process again. Pinch in to zoom out, and pinch out to zoom in. However, this does not affect performance of the StarSense Explorer because the camera can still see plenty of sky to determine its current pointing position. This rugged, 3-in-1 device features a true tactical 3-mode flashlight, a hand warmer, and a portable power bank for recharging your personal electronics on the go. Celestron, most likely on purpose, has a limited amount of objects in their StarSense Explorer App database. The 1.25″ diagonal is outrageously bad. StarSense Explorer App is marvelous and will change the astro-tech industry from the ground up. The planetarium view utilizes “pinch to zoom” technology. 4) Select all the files shown in the “StarSense Explorer” folder and copy them to a folder on your computer. I’m sorry to be blunt, but that happens to be the case. When I select the Search icon, then select one of the object lists (Messier Objects, for example), why are some objects grayed out while others are in white? I see “Advanced Camera Settings” as an option when I press the Menu icon. I think this is to prevent your smartphone from getting scratches and is appreciated. You are paying for the technology more than the optics with this telescope. As general rule, if you can’t see many stars with your eyes, then conditions will likely not permit the camera to “see” enough stars, either. You can use just about any distant object: a house light or streetlight on the horizon, a treetop, or a bright sky object, like Venus. There are several possible reasons for this: StarSense Explorer only shows the sky as it currently appears. Aligning the camera to the telescope is an easy, two-step process. Accessing them requires connecting your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes. Mars will appear as a bright red disk. You are limited to major and popular Solar System objects. What’s going on? You can also consider adding an optional light pollution reduction (LPR) filter, such as the Celestron UHC/LPR Filter - 1.25”. The Camera Setup Assistant will appear the first time you do a camera alignment. The entire telescope kit weighs just 14.2 pounds, so it’s perfectly portable and easy to bring on your next camping trip or to a remote observing site. The StarPointer, once aligned to the telescope itself, makes it easy to do this. Do not overtighten these screws or the adjustment knobs will become difficult to turn. What is the difference between Celestron’s StarSense Explorer app and Celestron’s SkyPortal app? Celestron Solar Safe filter technology is GUARANTEED SAFE for direct solar observation and has been independently tested by SAI Global Assurance Services. If you are unsure how to align the camera, tap the Menu icon button and turn on the Camera Setup Assistant. With this 4” refractor and relatively dark skies, the Andromeda Galaxy, Hercules Open Star Cluster, and so many more are easily within your reach. To retrieve the image and log files, follow the steps below. The build quality is pretty bad. Stray light near the observing site reflects off the back of the phone, into the mirror, and then into the camera. Have a promo code? No, astrophotography is not possible. The 1.25″ diagonal is especially useless. SkyPortal can also be used to control Celestron computerized telescopes with Celestron’s SkyPortal WiFi module, or built-in WiFi functionality. Unleash the full pointing accuracy of your Celestron computerized telescope with a specialized telescope control software suite. In this case, we recommend going to darker skies or waiting until a New Moon to get a better view. For astrophotography, you need to counter Earth’s rotation so that the telescope “stays still”. Now, when you go through the camera alignment screens, there will be information and videos to walk you through the process. 1) Connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB Lightning cable. The finder is a red dot model. When I press “Celestron Audio” on the Object Info page, I don’t hear anything, even if I turn my volume all the way up. You can get a glimpse of The Great Red Spot. The process takes 1-2 seconds, depending on the clearness of the night-sky, longer. The focuser is mostly plastic, but a delightfully wide 2″ model. Yes, this is OK. And, the user keeps interacting with the telescope by pushing the scope in the direction of the arrow. After you use StarSense Explorer at night, there will be images and log files stored on your phone. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, StarSense Explorer App. If this occurs, try placing the phone in a non-reflective case and be sure there are no nearby light sources that can reflect off the back of the smartphone. But, if you live near a large city, the app may not work well, so I recommend a manual model or a GoTo in such a case. Go behind the scenes with Celestron’s product development team and learn more about our award-winning and patented innovations. -Moon and Haze in field of view: IHS Markit ShowStoppers CES 2020 Innovation Award, IDA Design Award – Education/Teaching Aids Gold Winner 2019, IDA Design Award – Education/Self learning device Silver Winner 2019, It’s an irresistible proposition from amateur astronomers and other stargazers: Get the capabilities of a professional observatory in a telescope that costs less than $500. I notice that StarSense Explorer doesn’t work as well when pointed close to the horizon. The main problem with the planetary performance is Chromatic Aberration. The bullseye will correct its position onscreen after the next successful plate solve, so the drifting should not prevent the app from successfully locating objects. Using the Moon at the beginning might be a smart decision. When I am centering my smartphone’s camera over the StarSense dock, I’m noticing reflections and/or double images in the field of view. Unleash the power of your smartphone to take you on a guided tour of the night sky—no telescope experience required. One of two things could potentially be happening here: 1) Your smartphone’s camera may not be well aligned to the telescope. 3) Click the smartphone icon on the upper left side of screen. The optical power is simply not high enough. Low powered (25mm) and high powered (10mm) eyepiece, StarPointer red dot finderscope, perfect for using the telescope during the day or without the StarSense Explorer app, Altazimuth mount with slow motion controls, Full-height tripod with an accessory tray to keep you organized. An ultra-stable altazimuth mount provides a sturdy foundation for StarSense Explorer DX. With wide-field eyepieces, the value of the optical tube increases dramatically. 4) Select all the files shown in the “StarSense Documents” section and copy them to a folder on your computer.If you examine the images, it may be easy to determine what is going wrong. The mount is mostly plastic, and the focuser feels sticky. Everything You Need to Observe Immediately. When I select the Menu icon, I notice there is a toggle to turn “Camera Setup Assistant” on or off. The Moon will be a big, overexposed blob! There will be some color inaccuracy, which is called Chromatic Aberration. For the best performance, our engineers have designed the dock as an integrated part of the telescope optical tube and/or mount. This innovative software solves the time-consuming problem of trying to pinpoint the North Celestial Pole. The app automatically obtains the current date and time information from your smartphone.SkyPortal, the free planetarium app from Celestron, does have the ability to change the date and time to display how the sky would look in the past or in the future. Andrew Liszewski - Gizmodo US [原文] To see if this is the problem, try selecting another object to view in a different part of the night sky. When the app is first opened, it will ask you if StarSense Explorer can access the smartphone’s location services. The app uses plate-solving, the gyroscope, the accelerometers, and the compass inside the smartphone to keep the simulation accurate. We have provided access to the images so that they can be used for troubleshooting purposes. 2020.01.10 22:00; 6,146. Innovative technology is rare in astro-tech, and great-working innovative technology is even rarer. Jupiter shows its stripes and Galilean Moon’s. November 27, 2020 November 28, 2020 TTB Telescopes. If you are proficient at pointing the telescope without use of a finderscope, then you may find that you do not need to use the StarPointer during camera alignment. You’ll need to wait at least an hour after sunset for StarSense Explorer to be able to “see” enough stars to find its position. What’s going on?

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