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The truth is, I looked at you and saw myself. There was, of course, a definitive and unique origin for the expression 'face the music' and whoever coined it was … “You can only give them too little love. Vampirina: (sighs) "The truth is, I practiced and practiced the solo. –Prison Ted, Well, I’m trying to save the world too Mother! We’re not sure this is going to be the song that united the world. And it worked. –Prison Ted, You want some Bill and Ted, punk? If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. My way of dealing with other kids became to preemptively push them away. 2. –Dennis, You sent our daughters to hell? Fight your own battles.” Fight my own battles? Face the Music Quotes Showing 1-2 of 2 “In three long strides, Chris was leaning into me, pressing my back up against the building His palms flattened against mine, our fingers interlocking above my head. You got to earn the right to rock. –Billie. –Bill, Why don’t you go write it yourselves instead of trying to steal it from us. They had individual identities but also a band identity----band members were stylish in a way that complemented one another.”, “I knew from rock concerts that people notice your reaction to mistakes more than they notice the actual mistakes, so I just kept singing—in gibberish. This is Jimi hendrix, Louis Armstrong. –Marriage Therapist, Liz is right. I’m five!”, “The surprise came a few months later when Slash called me and wanted to follow up on my offer to help him get some free guitars. 3. If I ever heard someone telling Evan not to cry, not to be a baby, anything like that, I made a point of telling Evan the truth that I had discovered: people who hide their emotions are weak. –Bill … I wished I weren't alone all the time, but at the same time, I did things to keep people away from me. Quotes tagged as "face-the-music" Showing 1-2 of 2. Please enjoy the first three movement of That Which Binds Us Through Time The Chemical, Physical, and Biological Nature of Love An Exploration of the Meaning of Meaning. Barbara Quigley: Turn your back to the wall and there won't be room for anybody to throw anything. –Bill, Unite the world and save reality, dude. –Bill & Ted, Well, if we haven’t written it yet, but we know we’re gonna at some point, why can’t we just go to the future when we have written it? Contact me: guideformoms@yahoo.com. –Bill & Ted, Well, Dads, this is the band we put together for you. ")”. Nobody was impervious to what was going on—even the Who and the Stones were affected by”, “you get nothing with a fist that you can’t get in multitudes with your hand open.”, “Using a double bass drum in rock came about as a way to emulate what John Bonham of Led Zeppelin managed to do with one bass drum. So, if that is why you’re here, sorry, not sorry. The conflict inside could be excruciating. –Future Ted, After you failed couples therapy, Liz and Jo were visited by other thems from the future who gave them a phone booth and sent them all through time and space looking for just one life where they could be happy with you! You find strength and peace by being open.”, “when you reach a point where you can distinguish between the things you thought you wanted and the things you actually need, that is an epiphany.”, “The ultimate rebellion wasn’t fighting the system, it was circumventing the system and living your life fully.”, “The more opportunity I have to treat people the way I wished I myself had been treated, the better I feel.”, “Don’t come crying to me, Stanley. Maxine Halbard: And I’m tired, dude. –Death, You don’t just get to rock. San Dimas 700 years ago, 7:17 p.m. My father believed that the song could be the nexus point that brings humanity into rhythm and harmony. –Ted. Mr. Gore: "Welcome, everyone, to the talent show." –Billie & Thea, I have been demotes down here because I took two so-called “friends” back up who should not have gone back up. And like I tend to do, I jotted down some of my favorites. –Kelly, There are infinite pasts. This is the story of our most excellent dads. His foot was so fast that it took most drummers two kick drums and both feet to mimic it.”, “One night on the road just after Alive! –Billie, We’re not sure this is going to be the song that united the world. I started to act like a smart-ass or a clown, putting myself in a position where nobody wanted to be around me. She turned to me, puzzled, and said, “My boyfriend told me you were gay.” “Well, I guess that didn’t work,” I said. He closed his eyes, leaned his head forward, and pressed his lips against mine.” Here was the vehicle I could use to rise out of misery, to become famous, to be looked up to, to be liked, to be admired, to be envied.”, “There was a debauched kind of elegance to the British bands: they had great haircuts, they wore velvets and satins, and they were cohesive not only in their musical style, but in their attire and personas. Today Bill And Ted Face The Music, a sequal to the other two movies, dropped in theaters and streaming devices! –Death, I’m sorry fame went to my head. We only discovered this recently, but without it, reality will collapse, and time and space will cease to exist. Strangest feeling in the back of my neck that somebody might throw a knife at me any minute. I knew I wasn't the most talented guitar player or the best singer or the best writer, but I could do all of those things, and I had a complete vision of what it was going to take to succeed---a vision that included working, working, working.”, “I wasn’t crazy—I didn’t see us in the same league as Zeppelin.”, “So many people are miserable. They need someone to entertain them. Each is entangled with infinite futures. It’s not like your generation’s done that great. “Because it didn’t keep you away.”. We’re your band. –Future Bill, What if after we wrote it and saved the universe, a damn broke and the songs just kept cmoin’ and comin’? The phrase 'face the music' has an agreeable imagery. We have been banging our heads against the wall for 25 years. We’re here to back you. –Kelly, Some times things don’t make sense until the end of the story. it is very intoxicating. –Bill & Ted, Usually with couples therapy, it just means one couple. –Billie & Thea, Mom of two yougin's, on a mission to beat the battle of the bulge. “You want me to help you get guitars after you went around saying all that shit about me behind my back?” Slash got real quiet. –Ted, Please enjoy the first three movement of That Which Binds Us Through Time The Chemical, Physical, and Biological Nature of Love An Exploration of the Meaning of Meaning. I never truly opened myself up to you. “One must face the harsh music and recognize that emotional investment has lost the battle against fleetingness and volatility if a relationship appears to have been only a wild-goose chase. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Of course, it has some party on and excellent quotes to come out of the movies. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. HBO Max Superintelligence Parents Guide – Movie... 40+ Best HBO Max SUPERINTELLIGENCE Movie Quotes. I mean, if they were so miserable, once they had money, they could all go see shrinks.”, “Trying to show people how talented and bright you are is the best way to make an idiot of yourself, and we ended up doing that with flying colors.”, “Gene snapped at Peter: “Peter, you’re an illiterate idiot who can’t read or even talk correctly and never finished school.” “Yeah,” said Peter, “and I’m in the same band as you.”, “At the end of the day "Love Guns" wasn't about guns--I was just singing about my dick.”, “One thing I had figured out by then was that talent, like everything else, was just a starting point. James 'Brad' Bradley: I feel like I've had my back to the wall ever since I set foot in this country. –Grandpa Ted, Where you end up all depends on what happens with this. 5 quotes from Face the Music (Love, Hate, Rock-n-Roll, #3): ‘I love you. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Face the Music movie on Quotes.net What counted was what you did with it. Ace very nonchalantly turned to the side and gave it a kiss. As I watched them singing, it hit me: This is my ticket out. Poppy: "Okay, Vee, now will you tell us what's going on?" –Death, If it isn’t little Bill and little Ted. But I couldn't get it. –Great One, That there is the center of space and time.

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