how to sand and refinish hardwood floors yourself

Work in parallel rows toward the wall with the door. Proceed with abrasives that are gradually finer until you reach the desired degree of smoothness. Any advice on how to avoid this? Learn how your comment data is processed. Have an exit strategy Begin your applications along the wall opposite the door you intend to exit. I appreciate your great effort. Where are you hiring the tools from? I’d love to email you pictures. Love your videos I have just spent the weekends of 6 months laying a reclaimed herringbone oak parquet and now it’s time to sand it so I’ve been doing my research. Ben is responsible for almost all the content on this website. Is there a technique for applying oil to the floor that isn’t an oil-only finish? Some jobs are better left to the pros. Use a good brush for cutting in around the room perimeter. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. We have solid oak wood flooring but it is looking a bit tired. 2. Otherwise, ‘holidays’ (skipped areas), stop marks, and lap marks may show through after staining hardwood floors. Before I move in I was thinking of doing a “buff & Coat”. This makes it tough to achieve uninterrupted smoothing strokes, so apply a little extra poly and count on its self-leveling properties for a smooth finish. Can pet stains be sanded out of hardwood floors. If it’s a floating floor the filler may come out. I love your videos. I loved it and want to try traffic HD in a similar finish. after all they’ve already invested in the equipment, experience and tools to do the job, so really what you’re paying for when you hire someone is not losing hours of your own time attempting to do a job that would take much shorter should a pro do it Oil-based stains stay workable longer than water-based. Begin with coarse-grit abrasives sufficient to remove the old finish and … By Joe Provey. Proceed row by row, overlapping runs by half the sander’s width. That floor is probably quite valuable and unique. All the time I get comments from pro’s or the SEO team of pros, posting comments going “just hire a pro”. If you have a lot of floors to do, I really recommend trying my ebook and video course. But edge sander was very hard to use and I practically ruined my floor all perimeter of it. Guard against dust and hair When you’ve finished sanding, remove all dust by vacuuming and wiping the sanded areas with tack cloth. What about filling gaps in the floor without sanding it first ? I know it’s not ideal but…. Just worry about using some of these sanding techniques and removing some of the character of the reclaimed wood. 3. If it’s in a bit of a rough condition then start with a 36 or 40. after you have started but before the final sanding so that you can sand the filler off the surface. In some cases there is little i can do. It is so wavy now. ***hire centres usually hire poor quality floor sanders with uneven drums***. I’m thinking about starting the floor in the cloakroom as it’s a very small area and would be a good place to practice before tackling the landing, living room and dining room! Sand as though you are mowing the lawn. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you so much. 2. Ben Osborne is the owner of 5. As the floor was a previously refinished school sports hall I have some height differences having relaid it differently to the exact order it came up (up to 2mm in height). The coat will be thin, even, and will quickly dry to a glassy smooth finish. I might be able to find out forsure from the builder, but wondering if you have any considerations for “reclaimed” wood. Buff the Floor. My video course has me dealing with the exact same thing with a 40G. The floor was ruined by previous owner. You can try without any problems but in 90% of the cases, the results are not good. Stock up on dust masks and earplugs and, when applying sealers and oil-based polyurethane, wear NIOSH-approved organic vapor respirators, neoprene or vinyl gloves, and eye protection with splashguards. Prepare Test Areas. Just my opinion. Don’t want loose option to sand the floor in the future (engineering floor 4mm) but to fill gaps i need some wood dust ? Thanks very much for the knowledge. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to patch repair an area without it looking like just that, a patch repair. However, a refinished floor can bring beauty to a room like no other project. Then gun something in like Bona Gap Master, smooth it down with your finger, then pull up the tape. Any advice about hand-sanding an old floor like this with its uneven surface? Avoid letting the leading edge of your job dry; you will end up with lap marks (stripes). You can try without any problems but in 90% of the cases, the results are not good. … Is there a dark stain that is more opaque (like a translucent paint) and hides imperfections? I don’t have access to a drum sander (no vehicle) so I am thinking of sanding it with the Festool Rotex 150, beginning with 40-grit paper and moving up to 220. He also owns a floor sanding and restoration company. Already helped me not make some mistakes based on what I was planning to do. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just be sure to keep the sander level at all times. Here are some helpful tips about how to refinish hardwood floors. Filling after the 80g and before the 100g is a good way to go, 120g tends to struggle to take the filler off. A better way for the do-it-yourselfer is to roll on the polyurethane using a foam roller, preferably a high-density foam roller. Hey Ben, The only question, really, is how good that sanding and finishing is going to be. For traffic HD–i see there is the semi gloss, matte and sateen. Then resand with the same very fine abrasive, taking care not to breach the stain layer. Bona seem to call this over/under wood. 9. I need to do the rest of the house and I wish I had a money to hire professional but I have choice between not to do anything or do it myself. Remove shoe moulding, the wood trim where the wall meets the floor. My question is this, I’m getting ready to refinish hardwood floors in one room of my house but I’m going to have to break the work up over several days.

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