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As epoxy has a devastating effect to the sound and responsiveness of a guitar, the shellac and Old Italian violin finish of a monkey-pod guitar is not as lustrous as on a maple or kotibe guitar. ". Finishes well. Each sonically distinct instrument is individualized by the gnarled, wildly varied, but always arresting grain patterns. Tennessee luthier Cliff Hamby has used it successfully. Myrtlewood is both beautiful and distinctive when finished and no two sets are alike. Related: Mahogany vs Rosewood. "A medium density hardwood with a closed, straight grain. Sweet, clear trebles with a good thump in the bass. Join our mailing list for updates, news and chances to win free gear! It works easily and finishes well. Mahogany is the cornerstone tonewood of the fretted instrument world. How do I love thee, mahogany? Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Read the full Myrtlewood story | Learn about Myrtlewood from the Artist’s Perspective, Torrefied European Spruce - African Mahogany, There are no results for your selected options, try a few less or hit "Reset". It is the ideal blend of rosewood, mahogany and maple in presenting tonal balance across the tonal spectrum. Breedlove’s most used tonewood, myrtlewood, grows along Oregon’s Pacific coast. May be mistaken for Macassar Ebony. We can call it Rosewood and beyond. Learn about Myrtlewood from the Artist’s Perspective. Easily confused with osage orange. Let me count the ways: L‑00, D‑18, O‑22, J‑45, Les Paul Junior…. It is a hard, heavy fine grained wood. The bass is full and round and sustains itself gloriously. Black Mulberry is used in round-bodied stringed instruments in Iran and appears very attractive, darker and more figured the the Red found in the US. For the Pursuit Concertina. Not overly complex overtone structure, but enough to have nuance. Size: 19.5” tall x 13.5” wide x 14” deep x 3/4” thick Wood: Solid hardwood body made from figured myrtlewood and mahogany. Manchinga has an interesting spalt-like figure on a light-tan to grayish-tan field. Oregon Myrtlewood became popular for making gift items back in the early 1900’s. A good all around tonewood. At the same time, I believe, due to the surface reflectivity you get more of what some call "that piano like sound" or the more controversial term "reverb" (different from sustain).". ©2015 – 2020 Breedlove Guitars – All Rights Reserved. Myrtlewood, is a rare evergreen, an exotic hardwood, that grows in a very limited range along the Pacific Coast, from extreme northern California through southern Oregon. Strong, durable, very yellow with a  creamy yellow to brownish heartwood. Bend, Oregon 97702 Ebony tends to be stiffer, heavier, and more reflective than most rosewoods so you get the highlights with more sustain because of the weight and often a deeper bass. This tonewood is found in acoustic guitars at Breedlove Guitars. Sonically, the Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Sitka Spruce – Myrtlewood is one of the best all-around guitars Breedlove offers. However there is another area that this range doesn't cover. Maple has often been used for necks and occasionally for fretboards as well. Guitar Tonewood - Ovangkol is a plentiful wood, visually similar in tone to rosewood used for making acoustic guitars. This was a well presented education on the different qualities of different woods . The mid ranges fulfill your expectations perfectly, the third string especially, and the trebles sing like birds." Monkey-pod has very wide pores that normally can only be filled with several coats of epoxy. A click on each underlined wood takes you to a Sub-Page where photos are arranged alphabetically by wood. Darkens with age and is very hard. The density and hardness is similar to Black Locust. Popularized by Breedlove, myrtlewood, from the windblown Oregon coast, combines the best elements of rosewood, mahogany and maple—rich bass, warm midrange and clear, bright trebles—for truly versatile guitars. But the overall appeal is nevertheless spectacular. Bob Mayville says. This award was voted and awarded by music retail dealers throughout the USA. Oregon Myrtle has a Janka rating of 1270 and a Specific Gravity ranging from 0.51-0.55. Popularized by Breedlove, myrtlewood, from the windblown Oregon coast, combines the best elements of rosewood, mahogany and maple—rich bass, warm midrange and clear, bright trebles—for truly versatile guitars. As Breedlove has discovered, the species— specifically Oregon Myrtlewood, virtually from Bend’s backyard—makes an excellent choice for guitars, even an inspiring one, with a sound as unique and identifiable as a fingerprint. Breedlove received Music Inc Magazine’s 2019 Suppliers Excellence Award. Oregon woodworkers have developed a small cottage industry making handcrafted Myrtlewood products and gifts for visitors and residents of the area. December 5, 2016 at 10:13 pm. I was like, oh, man…”. “I hit that string, and I heard that tone that sounded like it was coming through a PA system already. (Bellucci Guitars). It is a hardwood which takes many finishes well. 877.800.4848. The grain of this unusual wood ranges from a fine-grained texture that is similar to a light-colored mahogany, to smooth fields of tan or grey-tan. I think the hip word to be used would be "player friendly". “An amazing new acoustic… the Signature Concerto”, “In guitar circles, the name Breedlove is synonymous with forward-thinking designs”, 61573 American Loop Different woods generally fall in between there. What it lacks in dramatic visual appeal and breathless testimonial from wood-sniffers, it more than makes up for in suitability for instrument construction. Breedlove Guitars has always been known for their willingness to deviate from acoustic-design convention. Maybe someone will take pity and fill me in. All of which makes it priced accordingly. Color is a bright yellow sapwood with a light tan heart wood. Back is ½” thick mahogany and a 6” sound hole. Curly timber is often found in the older trees. ​Typically when I talk about the sound of the various back and side woods I say something along the lines that it goes from softer hardwoods, like mahogany, that tend to have a sweeter toned more fundamental effect where harder woods, like rosewood, sound more crystalline with more overtone highlights. Goes well with old-school strummers and players with a heavy picking hand who like a thick old school sound; players who struggle to get enough brightness and articulation from traditional woods. Mahogany, Honduran 800 Padauk 1725 Mahogany, Santos 2200 Tabaccowood 1750 Maple, Hard North American 1450 Rosewood, Bolivian 1780 Maple, Ivory 1500 Bamboo, Carbonized 1800 Maple, Soft 999 Hickory 1820 Merbau 1925 Pecan 1820 Mesquite 2345 Yellowheart 1820 Oak, Tasmainian 1010 Kenpass 1854 Olivewood, Brazilian 3700 Jarrah, Australian 1915 Manchinga has small pores and is a medium weight wood that weights 47 pounds per cubic foot. Filed Under: Buying Guides, Guitar selection. The late growth in mulberry is full of open pores, much like ash, whereas the late growth in osage orange is solid. Brittle, so take care when bending. He goes, yeah, wait until you strum a chord on it. Mutenye, a tonewood that combines the right amount of warmth and definition to the mids and highs (CF Martin). Also, the rays and general structure are different but that’s harder to detect." I believe that playability always ought to be the main virtue of a musical instrument. It has moderate flexibility which helps this wood to deliver a medium to bright tone when used for backboards and rims. An evergreen  legume from Africa, it is a close relative to Ovangkol and Bubinga, hard, brittle but exhibits a fine hue under finish. Front playing surface is solid 1/8” birch plywood sandwiched between a 1/52” figured mahogany veneer and a backing veneer. Intriguing, but I do not have many details yet. Oregon Myrtle is a crisp wood of medium density. Famed for its multi-colored berries and for its leaves upon which silkworms feed, Mulberry is normally too small for guitar backs, but can reach 3' diameter. Each sonically distinct instrument is individualized by the gnarled, wildly varied, but always arresting grain patterns. ...It would probably sound closer to Koa with many equating it to Walnut or a particularly stiff piece of mahogany. (Tesla Tonewood) The trees can grow to 50', but typically are too small for, Appearance-wise, over-all brown, with some. 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