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Very crispy skin. Wake up early and spend the rest of the day taking it low-and-slow. "Fill the charcoal basket 1/2 full of unlit briquets. I have a buddy that has a small offset that has a built in water reservoir but I don't think he ever uses it. Another WSM water pan post. I have been reading several Threads/ post in the forum about the use or lack of use of the water pan in the WSM, or any other smoker. Cleaning the pan is as easy as taking it out and running some soapy water over the surface. If you’re going to be searing a steak at a high temperature the water in the water pan will boil rapidly and eventually evaporate altogether. Set the bottom vents to about a quarter of the way open and keep the lid vent halfway open. No water pan, hot, and fast is the way to do poultry in the WSM. Hello! ... One other great thing the water pan does; no flare ups. Dump the lit briquettes on the unlit and let it kindle for 5-10 minutes. grilling. CAMCO 24-in Aluminum Water Heater Drain Pan with Fitting. Placed below the lower cooking grate, the pan leaves enough room to use both levels of the grill without issue. As the sweet smell of BBQ fills the air, the anticipation grows. I have a WSM, and I am tired of using / cleaning the water pan. Preheat for 10-15 minutes until … The water pan is indeed placed above the coals, but it is usually secured to the lower grate with a clip, meaning that it hovers above the coals without touching them. Bumping or moving the cooker during use. Clean out the ash. Every second is worth the wait. I wouldn't think of using a water pan in the ceramics. I am doing 4 racks of Baby Back ribs for my sons birthday in a few weeks. Actual product model and features may vary. 4. The extra large water pan helps to maintain the heat for all day smoking. Being a metal unit, the exterior of your Weber Smokey Mountain will get very hot while you are cooking. The Weber Smokey Mountain Water Pan Cover will keep liquids like water or sauce from damaging the lower portion of the Weber grill. Can do two spatchcocked birds on the top rack at 400-425 (grate temp) and they're done in about 75 minutes. The water pans main function is to help stabilize and hold the temp. "Cover the water pan completely with aluminum foil and run a full load of lit Kingsford blue bag briquets and let it run as hot as it can with no water in the pan (over 350°F) to burn off any manufacturing residue. Image for capacity demonstration purposes only. A water pan would be of little benefit anytime you’re cooking at a high heat for a short period – i.e. Put the smoker back together and place about 2-3 liters of water in the water pan. for extended cooks between 180F to 270F. I would like to first explain the main function of the water pan. Serves 6-8 people. Now with the WSM I use two fireplace bricks wrapped in foil inside the water pan then foil layers across. Item #543480 Model #20834.0

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