yang guifei body odor

Most obvious defect of Yang Guifei, she has body odor, a beautiful woman, if body odor, her beauty absolutely will be greatly reduced. We’ll never know for certain who this imperial concubine really was, … After Gao LiShi showed the body on Yang GuiFei to the army, it quelled the issue, and the army ended escorting Emperor Xuanzong to safety in Chengdu. When Emperor Xuanzong was forced to make a decision to execute his beloved Yang GuiFei to appease his army, he had Gao LiShi take Yang GuiFei to a Buddhist shrine and strangle her. Yang, the “Prized Consort” of the emperor, was blamed for the An Lushan Rebellion, possibly due to a purported relationship with the general. Yang Guifei: classic femme fatale, or a figure of doomed love? This unit focuses on the shift in attitudes towards women in particular, using the case of Yang Guifei (719-756) to explore the wider transformation in values that occurred in 8th century Chang’an. She continued, “He used to think that Empress Xiaocheng had the best figure, but these days, he likes Yang Guifei’s body instead. "Greetings! Yang Guifei, in Tang Dynasty, was said to have "a face that would put all flowers to shame". God although give Yang rare beauty, but also give her a body odor, this is not to beauty Yang means of subsistence. ... And Yang Guifei suffered from an unpleasant body odor, so she often used lavish baths and scented powders. A decadent diva who sowed the seeds of the Tang’s downfall, or a woman whose tragic death deserves celebration? Even then, he doesn’t mind. ... Diao Chan worshiping the full moon and Guifei getting drunk. My metabolism has gone down as I’ve gotten older, so I’ve become a fat version of Yang Guifei. He says I look good regardless of my weight.” Photos: PBE Media

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